First sign of Madness
Name's Hawkeye, and I never learned how ta miss.

(( Independent Clint Barton roleplay account. Up for any roleplays, and I don't mind who with. :D ))
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aspookypinecone asked: Tell me the story of your first bow! :D


"That’s a..little personal, ain’t it? Ah, well. My first bow..I was only about ten, or eleven, and I joined the circus. I had taken an interest in archery but not..a lot, I just sort of brushed it off; couldn’t use it so, why bother?" He paused for a moment, "I joined the circus under circumstances, and first bow was actually quite good; my mentor gifted it to me when I did my first show; I named it Gracie..She was pretty plain, but damn, I used it till I wore it out, and even when she wore out she still went to good use. - She broke in a fight..very, very bad timing."

aspookypinecone asked: Would you consider yourself a whore? Mister dildo quiver.


"Well that quiver was totally and utterly practical if you look at it, it just happened to do other things. It was a phase. I really did like it, though, it worked great.”


Only you would be nostalgic for the dark ages

same hilda, same.

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Hullo There!

(( A Clint Barton roleplay account. :3 Not new to tumblr, but relatively new to Tumblr Rp. ))

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